Finding the Best Knee Surgeon for Osteoarthritis is Easy With These Simple Tips

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You are living with chronic knee discomfort for long periods. Unfortunately, the hunt for the perfect knee surgeon can occasionally be stressful. It is important to consider that you and your physician share a bond that will be tested when the time comes to choose. If you are looking for a knee surgeon, look for one who has experience with your type of condition. The best Adelaide knee surgeon will help to restore your knee’s mobility, but they must also have the proper tools and equipment to do so.

Your doctor will likely offer you a second opinion regarding knee surgery, but this doesn’t always mean they will approve. You can ask your primary care physician for a referral or speak to someone within your primary care group. You should first research your options, then schedule an initial consultation with a knee surgeon. Again, although they will offer you a second opinion, this doesn’t always mean they will give it.

Once you have met with your primary care physician, they will offer you the names of several knee surgeons they believe have experience with your type of injury. Make sure to ask questions about their backgrounds. While these surgeons may have had years of experience, you want to make sure they have extensive training with injuries similar to yours. For example, some specialists are great at treating sports injuries, while others are excellent at treating conditions caused by repetitive stress injuries, which occur in the workplace.

During your first meeting, you will likely be asked questions about your history, any symptoms you are experiencing, and any medications you are currently taking. Asking questions about your doctor will give you a deeper insight into how you should handle your pain and recovery. For example, if you are looking at a knee replacement surgery, remember to ask the doctor if it is an outpatient procedure, as this will impact your ability to drive home after the procedure. In addition, ask the doctor about your healing time and whether he has ever done this kind of procedure before.

When you meet with the Adelaide knee surgeon, you will be able to tell them whether the replacement surgery will involve the replacement of damaged cartilage or meniscal cartilage tears. Usually, meniscal cartilage tears are much easier to repair than meniscus cartilage tears, but not all cases can be repaired without reconstructive surgery. However, if the tear is small, the surgeon can realign the bone and insert a prosthetic joint.

Knee pain is common for many people. Fortunately, there are many options for addressing knee pain, including exercise, physical therapy, and surgery. However, before deciding on the treatment plan, be sure to ask your Adelaide knee surgeon and research the potential injuries that could cause your knee pain. From there, you can make an informed decision about which treatment plan is best for your specific situation.