Things You Must Learn Before You Decide to Buy a New Air Conditioner

Everyone knows that heat has a detrimental effect on human life and health. Thus, air conditioners have become a vital part of our daily living.  It helps us feel more comfortable and minimises the risk of having heat, causing illness. So consider buying an excellent air conditioning system a valuable investment.

Air Conditioning Adelaide has variations when it comes to the price, cooling capacity and energy efficiency. With the overview of new technologies, energy efficiency and healthcare benefits, almost all consumers have become highly aware of their needs, and they have the opportunity to choose from a wide diversity of brands and product offerings.

1 – Room Size

The capacity of the CLIMAT AC unit you select should depend on the size of your room. It is advisable to choose an air conditioner with the right cooling capacity according to the space of your room. If it is larger it will not be able to offer suitable dehumidification, a unit with too high of cooling capacity for a specific area can turn off and on frequently, and the smaller one will cost you more when it comes to energy consumption.

2 – Installation

Proper installation helps you get the most out of your unit. You can ask help from expert professionals or an authorised service centre so that you can make sure that there is no space for flaws. A split AC has a compressor unit located outside the house and one indoor unit inside the room, it is mainly designed for the better airflow, whereas a window AC is a compact unit design that is attached to the windows. Always remember that the performance parameter of AC relies on a good or bad installation.

3 – Noise

Since noise is very irritating, it is essential to consider the noise level of an AC upon buying. Every AC has a noise level of operation in its product specifications. The ideal noise level is within 50dB. If you have an AC with a lot of noise, it can destruct your sleep as well as your neighbours’ sleep.

4 – Efficiency

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) standardise all air conditioning units with star rated energy efficiency ratings known as EER.  All air conditioners have an energy rating label to measure its efficiency and uses a star as an indicator. The more stars, the better. If you see an AC with higher star ratings, it indicates a much less power consumption. Thus, you can save money on your electricity bill in the long run.

5 – Inverter Option

If you dream of having a consistent and better cooling along with energy efficiency, an inverter Air Conditioning Adelaide is worth the investment. Inverter ACs are a bit expensive than regular ones but think of the positive side, with over one third less power consumption than non-inverter ACs, the money you invested evens out in around two years of saved electricity bills. These days, different brands are coming up with dual inverter series as it aids in better cooling and accurate energy control.