How Can a Chiropractor Help My Baby?

If you have ever seen a baby chiropractor before, then you know what they do. Baby chiropractors work with your baby’s joints, spine and other parts of the body. They work with your baby for the best results possible. Your baby is dependent on you to teach him all of the basics, so it is essential to work with him correctly. We will look at some of the reasons to visit a baby chiropractor and the benefits they provide.

Many parents turn to baby chiropractors for treatment for acid reflux. Believe it or not, this condition affects one out of every two babies. You probably imagine it as something painful for your baby, which can cause lots of screaming and pain. The truth is that babies experience acid reflux just the same as you do. They get it from their food, the foods they eat before sleep, during feedings and just because they are babies.

There are many reasons why your baby could be experiencing discomfort. One reason is that they may be having gas or indigestion. Another reason is that your baby could be suffering from colic. Colic is another common problem that baby chiropractors can fix.

Believe it or not, you can use chiropractic care for infants as well. A baby chiropractor is very similar to your regular physician, but they treat only infants and children. Why? Because they understand how unique your baby’s body is, and they are much more vulnerable to the same pains that you or anyone else feels.

Since your baby is growing fast, there is not enough time to teach them to adjust to his environment correctly. A baby chiropractor will help teach your baby the right way to adjust to any reflux, whether in the neck, face, head, legs, or other parts of the body. By utilising adjustments, the baby is taught how to recognise better when they have an uncomfortable feeling and what to do to correct it.

Your SureStartHealth baby chiropractor Adelaide will use their hands to massage your baby’s spine, as well as the areas in between your baby’s ribs and bottom. These manipulations, or adjustments, will help stimulate the flow of energy in your child’s body. With a misalignment, energy will be unable to flow freely, causing discomfort and reflux.

Many parents are amazed by how quickly and effectively a chiropractic care approach can eliminate colic in infants. New evidence suggests that chiropractic may even affect the frequency of colic attacks in babies. Recent studies suggest that chiropractic care may indeed lessen the occurrence of colic by up to 50 percent. Chiropractic is also an excellent option for infants suffering from other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, ear infections, high fevers and respiratory problems. Chiropractic may also prove helpful for infants who experience constipation.

Chiropractic is appropriate for infants as young as nine months of age, but it may not be able to prevent the start of shoulder or elbow pain later in life. It is essential for mothers to know their baby’s medical history, including information on medications, so they can ensure their child receives the best medical care. Infants should be seen regularly by their chiropractic doctor for a check-up and a general check to ensure their spine is not overstretched. The goal is to help babies live a healthy, pain-free life.