Why Many Non-Hay Farmers Use Baling Twine

When balers twine is mentioned, the first thing that may come to mind is hay or straw. It is because the product was first associated with the hay farming process. However, baling twine is also used by many farmers who are not necessarily farming or selling hay products.

What are the other agricultural uses of balers twine? Why does 99 per cent of farmers have these strings ready for use at all times?

  1. Excellent Alternative

Baling TwineWhether your belt broke while working in the field or a halter came loose, baling twine can be the most reliable temporary alternative. You wouldn’t want to stop any of your tasks just because of minor issues such as a broken halter. Use your balers twine in the meantime and go on with the day’s work so there won’t be any losses for the day.

The alternatives that balers twine offers goes beyond just the small things and items on the farm. If some parts of your fences are cut off, it is best to patch things up right away. You wouldn’t want your livestock to cross the farm’s boundaries. You can braid strings together for a thicker cord that you can temporarily use to restore your fence while you purchase the appropriate fencing material.

  1. Truck Tailgate Cable

At some point in your farming journey, the tailgate cables of your truck may come off or give up earlier than expected. Instead of allowing your vehicle to wear out and be unused for a certain period, get your truck moving by using baling strings to fix the cables in the meantime.

  1. Net

If you have a lot of time to spare anyway, why not make a reliable net bag using baling twine? You can follow a simple pattern to create a net that you can use for many tasks such as harvesting vegetables. Not only are you saving a few bucks from purchasing real plastic bags; you’re also reducing your farm’s overall waste by reusing balers twine.

  1. Recycle

Farmers who use balers twine should recycle used strings at all times. There are many items you can produce through the used cords that would usually end up in rubbish dumps. You can create a foot rug, a vegetable or fruit basket, and even a hammock.

Baling twine has many other uses in the farm aside from being just a sturdy and all-time great in hay farming. These fibrous cords are known to be a farmer’s best friend due to the multiple purposes it serves.

Whether you use twines for wrapping hay or you use them for other agricultural tasks, rest assured that balers twine is your affordable yet high-quality farming tool!