A Parent’s Basic Guide in Buying Kids and Toddlers’ Shoes

Knowing when is the time to buy a new pair of shoes for your kids is very challenging. It is primarily because young ones don’t usually complain about their footwear being uncomfortable already.

In ensuring that what they are wearing still suits their feet comfortably, it is your job as a parent to check your Kids shoes periodically. Inspect if there are particularly worn areas or stressed seams in the shoes. Take note that the shoes may no longer be wide enough for your kid’s feet if its sides are already bulging or wearing out more quickly than the rest of the shoe. Another sign of shoes that don’t fit properly are toes that bend upwards. Also, it is time for a new pair of shoes if you already spot worn out toes or heels.

Since feet tend to swell over the day, shoe shopping is much ideal to do later in the afternoon or evening. However, some kids are particularly not into shoe shopping. But don’t worry because you can find a store that specialises in children’s footwear. Not only that but they also have staffs who are well-versed in dealing with reluctant shoe shopper.

It is best to avoid overspending when shopping for shoes, even if many cute and trendy types are available in the market. If the shoes are for extraordinary occasions, then, you can exceed your budget. However, take note that your child’s feet tend to outgrow their shoes quickly.

Moreover, when purchasing shoes from SpendLess NZ, have your children’s feet measured first. Take note that a shoe that might seem to be comfortable to them for a few minutes in the store may not go the same way after a day of playing. Always remember that your child must be standing when measuring their feet and don’t forget to measure both since one is usually larger than the other. So when shopping, always opt to a shoe that suits the larger one to accommodate and provide comfort to both of the feet.

Additionally, you must ensure that the shoes you buy for your kids still have a bit room for about half an inch between the edge of your child’s toe and the shoe toe. Thus, you should ask your kids to fully extend their feet so that you can see if their toe is crunching.

Always remember that wearing too tight heel will only cause too much discomfort. At the same time, shoes that are too loose can also be very problematic. Thus, ensure that the heel of the shoes must rest snugly but not tightly around the child’s heel’s back.

Comfortable shoes must be your number priority. Thus, find Kids shoes that correctly fit the feet of your child right away.