What to Look For When Booking a Marquee Hire Company

There are numerous advantages to a marquee rental, not the least of which is the low cost. By utilising marquee hire, you may turn a low-budget venue into the spectacular dream venue you always imagined. From a basic tent to a splendid tent, there is a marquee for you. You can also hold more significant guest numbers within reason by erecting a clear span marquee.

The beauty of marquee hire adelaide is that these structures are flexible and adaptable. So whether your needs change or not, it is always the same: You have plenty of options. Marquee hire can accommodate your weddings, corporate parties, private family functions, bar mitzvahs, debuts and weddings of all sizes. Marquee hire is also ideal for all venues because it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. It includes circular, rectangular, square and specialty structures.

You can use marquee hire for any function you wish. They can even be rented for outdoor corporate occasions such as product launches, company presentations and awards nights. Outdoor functions require careful planning and perfect weather. You can make the most of your venue by renting a marquee for any occasion. Marquees can make for beautiful decor and are very easy to install. Your venue will sparkle with style and grace for the entire event.

When planning outdoor events, there are several issues to consider before the event is held. If your weather is poor, marquee hire may not be a viable option for your event. If there are strong winds or storms, your guests will have to cope with the weather conditions. If you need your venue to open early, you could experience delays with caterers if your venue is on the weather-related issues list.

Weather is not the only consideration for outdoor events. You need to consider your venue’s seating capacity, as well. A more extensive guest list means that more people will be able to sit down during your reception and dinner comfortably. A marquee wedding will take up more space than a simple wedding, and seating for everyone needs to be planned.

There are many types of outdoor events, so you should make sure your selection can fit into your budget and fits the theme of your event. Your marquee hire company should have a wide range of marquees to choose from. Whether you want a tropical-themed marquee or a contemporary design, you should be able to find the perfect one for your outdoor events.

Your venue will also need to meet fire safety regulations. If your event is held outdoors, your marquee hire company should offer smoke alarms and other safety precautions to ensure your guests stay safe. Most people like to eat outside when it is warm, but fire risks are always a concern if you hold an open-air reception. Marquee hires that offer smoke alarms and other precautions can help to lower your food and drink costs, but you should always plan for the worst. As long as your chosen marquee hire company takes precautions to keep you and your guests safe, you will have a wonderful time on your special day.

Outdoor weddings and receptions are trendy these days, thanks to all the unique venues available. A wedding marquee is a perfect addition to any special occasion, whether held in the sunshine or out in the rain. Just remember to consider the seating for your event, weather considerations, and fire risks before you hire a venue. The proper venue can make your day even more special.