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For many people who do commercial fit outs or office space refurbishment, determining who’s responsible for which parts of the process can be entirely unclear – not to mention the different levels of results and project impact. ‘Who does the structural work?’ ‘Who pays for the commercial fit out?’ – all that kind of stuff. That’s why we’ve put together a short introduction to the different forms of office fit outs – www.cficomp.com.au explains what it means for a company to have commercial fit outs.


What Is Commercial Fit Outs?

Commercial or office fit outs involve the process of making interior spaces fit for daily operations and occupation. It’s separate from structural work that relates to the building foundation. In most cases, the building construction is complete by the developer or contractor, while the final fit-outs get completed by a commercial fit outs firm hired by the business owner. Office fit outs can have various forms all depending on the level of completion of the building, as well as the requirements of the occupant.


3 Types of Commercial Fit-Outs

Three types of commercial fit-outs currently exist Shell and core, Category A, and Category B Fit-outs.


Shell & Core fit-outs usually comprise of the structure, base pant, cladding, external works, and common areas. It can also extend to lobbies, main reception areas, basements, toilets, staircases, car parking areas, loading bays, lift shafts, and more.


Category A fit-outs are all about the level of fit-out that the developer has already incorporated to the commercial space. While there’s no official definition, a category A fit-out is generally expected to include the following:


  • Blinds
  • Mechanical & Electrical Services
  • Internal Surface Finishes
  • Raised Floors & Suspended Ceilings.


Finally, Category B fit-outs are the completion of the fit-outs for the internal space to meet the specific requirement of the corporate space. Category B fit-outs commonly include the following:


  • Installation of:
  • Furniture
  • offices & break-out areas
  • specialist lighting
  • meeting rooms
  • IT & audio-visual equipment
  • The fit-out for kitchen and reception areas
  • Final finishes and branding.



Get Expert Guidance

Whether you’re planning to establish an office or renovate your existing building, it’s always good to have an expert by your side. If you’re considering fitting out a new office or renovating an old one, ask help from a professional team of expert office fit outs – www.cficomp.com.au can be of excellent service. Check-out our craftsmanship in the gallery of our website or call us today for more information about the company and our expert fit-outs.