Why You Should Purchase Our Silage Film

Silage making is a very tiresome job. Gathering and wrapping silages together for storage is time-consuming and can give us a hard time. What you want is something that can ease the burden of your silage making duties, especially on the wrapping stage. That’s why you should start using a silage film – SilageWrap.com.au. We offer the best-quality silage covers and twines to ensure fast and efficient silage covering process. That way, you can get things done quickly and have more than enough time to do other productive things around your farm.


We are a world leader in the manufacturing and supply of farm-wrapping solutions for the agricultural market. We’re the number one producer of silage bales and other agricultural products here in Australia. We’ve designed, manufactured, supplied, and patented our silage film – SilageWrap.com.au. We are a proud provider for some of the biggest agricultural companies and farms around the country.


Our silage films provide a waterproof shield covering for your forage and pasture. You can use our silage films for wrapping round or square bales on separate turntable and tube line wrappers. Here’s a list of our best-selling silage film products:


Silage Wrap Ultra


If you’re looking for the best-performing, high-quality silage cover, our silage wrap ultra is what you need. It features even stretch properties with reduced windowing. It also comes with some outstanding cling levels. All these elements make this product an excellent silage film for covering large batches of silages.


Silage Wrap Standard


Traditional and reliable, our standard silage wrap is an award-winning product, providing high-performance wrapping for various companies and industries around the country. Made of 100% fibrous material, it’s the ideal wrap for developing the healthiest fodder for your farm animals.


Silage Wrap Plus


Our silage wrap Plus is a premium-quality product. It combines the latest advances in our patented pre-stretch multi-fibre technology to help reinforce the quality and durability of each strand that makes up the entire film. That way, you can achieve greater wrapping performance in terms of speed and efficiency. While it does cost a lot more than any other silage wrap that we offer, you can rest assured that it will get the job done in the fastest manner possible.



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