Removing Tree Stumps – How to Safely Remove a Stump

Removing tree stumps is an important hazard and liability. Each day new lawyers are filing liability cases for injuries resulting from falling tree stumps. An older woman was walking near a playground when she tripped on a large tree stump, sustaining serious injuries which required medical attention.

When the stumps of tree are left behind after a storm or heavy rain, they can become dangerous to people walking beneath them or using them as a stepping stone. A common method for stump removal Adelaide involves blasting them away with high-pressure water. Another approach some people use involves removing the stump completely, replacing it with paving material that will serve as a more secure surface. However, the most hazardous alternative to removing tree stumps is allowing them to remain on the surface of your yard, causing more damage to your property. Check some things you need to consider before deciding which method of tree removal is best for you.

Tree stumps should never be felled without a clear path for walking around them, as doing so could easily cause a deadly accident. If you are considering removing a stump yourself, it’s important to follow guidelines established by the National Forest Service or the Department of Health to accomplish this safely. One way of removing tree stumps is grinding them, which involves sawing off their roots. Although this is a relatively safe procedure, it can still result in scarring and should always be left as a last resort.

stump-removal-adelaideGrinding the stump away is not the only option for stump removal Adelaide, though. Tree removal specialists are also available who can chip away at the stump and remove it entirely. Although not considered a safe process, chipping is one of the most popular methods used in removing tree stumps because it allows for easy access to the stump in an area that is off-limits to people, such as driveways or sidewalks. Unfortunately, chipping can also result in scarring, and so it may not be the best option if you have had a recent injury. Unless you plan to use a stick to push the chip away, a chipper can prove dangerous if it does not go down and leaves a scar.

When choosing a method of removing tree stumps, it’s important to consider how much time and money you’re willing to spend on the job. For many homeowners, stump removal is an annual task that requires little effort or expense. For others, removing tree stumps requires digging, pounding, or sawing the stump away from their home. It’s important to find the right method for you depending on how much time and money you want to invest. It’s also important to consider the safety aspects of the procedure you choose, whether the cost is covered by insurance.

It’s important to note that all stumps should be removed at one-foot depth to avoid damaging the surface underneath. You should also remember that some homeowners like to keep tree remains on their property and move them when the stumps have been removed. Some homeowners even place the stump in a hole and walk their dog over it. With these and other considerations, it’s important to think carefully about your stump removal Adelaide options when removing tree stumps in your yard.