Teeth Whitening Services

In the world of teeth whitening Adelaide services, there are so many choices to choose from. Many of them promise fast results with little or no risk. They offer products for at-home use as well as products that can be taken daily. Some of them promise results that will last weeks while others say it will be over in a day. When looking for a product that will help whiten your teeth, make sure you choose the right one for your whitening needs.

Teeth Whitening AdelaideThe active ingredient in teeth whitening services offered by Carbamide peroxide is carbamide peroxide itself. The chemical reaction that occurs when this chemical comes in contact with the white crystal produces a response that turns the peroxide into oxygen. The release of oxygen whitens the teeth just as if the teeth were dusted with fresh flour. Most teeth whitening services offered in Columbia, MD offers these treatments in various shades whiter than those provided in your local grocery store. Whether the treatment is performed in the office or the comfort of your own home, some options will be able to match your taste and budget.

Teeth whitening services performed in the office have been known to work on mild stains. The stains that could be corrected with this method are grey or brown spots on the teeth’ surface. To correct these spots in the least amount of time, you will need teeth whitening Adelaide solution that contains hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is often included in this solution because it helps remove the stains from the enamel quicker. This is an option that should be considered when you have minor blemishes on your teeth.

Another type of teeth whitening services offered in the area is the trays. Some dentist offices offer this as part of a package for the procedure. The trays are placed on the inside of the mouth to bleach the teeth and gums simultaneously. If you do not want to have the trays in your mouth at all, some offices offer a ready-to-use kit that contains the trays as well as the hydrogen peroxide that you will need to use.

Your dentist can also offer you other options when it comes to teeth whitening services. If you need crowns to cover up brown spots or if you have chips or breaks in your teeth, your dentist may be able to have these repaired using a height instead of the more traditional bleaching solution. Another technique your dentist may use involves removing the tooth’s outermost layer with a drill and then filling the root with a bleaching gel. Once the old tooth is removed, the new crown is put over the hole to hide the gap. This type of treatment is known as ‘periodontics’.

Some dentists will also offer teeth whitening Adelaide services using carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These dental bleaches work differently from standard hydrogen peroxide because the carbamide peroxide bonds with stains and oxidizes them. The result is a brighter, whiter smile. The problem with carbamide peroxide is that it can cause sensitivity to the gum, so you should consult your dentist about using this technique.