4 Different Verandah Designs that Will Improve Your Property in 2020

A verandah provides a sweet and lovely place for welcoming and entertaining guests. At the same time, it’s also a beautiful space to enjoy your outdoor area. Most of all, verandahs Adelaide can also expand the living space of your home, increasing its value and protecting it from the harsh outdoor conditions. If you’re thinking about adding a verandah or improving the one that you already have, here are four different verandah design trends that will give your home a new look in 2020. Visit www.VictoryHomeImprovements.com.au now for more details.


Adding a Louvre – Opening and Closing Roof Design

The addition of an open and closing louvre roof design is all about managing and controlling the shade, sun, and rain. A spacious veranda design will give you many options by allowing you to control your environment by to the windows of your home or to the patio area. The roof of a louvre roof verandah can be partially or fully opened. Modern verandah designs use extended aluminium frames and louvres for increased durability and longevity. You also have different colour choices as these products are powder coated.


Expansive Verandah

Verandahs that expand to the length of your home not only look amazing, but they also increase the square footage of your property. The extra feature will only add to the overall value of your home. Some notable ideas for large verandahs Adelaide also feature the one that reaches to a backyard deck or swimming pool area. The ideal choice might also include aluminium or colourbond frames for added aesthetic appeal, low-maintenance, and overall durability. Visit www.VictoryHomeImprovements.com.au for more details.


Outdoor Rooms

A verandah that resembles an outdoor room is an excellent feature for connecting your home with another outdoor area such as a swimming pool area. Not only do they add some spice in your home’s aesthetics, but they also provide shelter space for some relaxing entertainment. You can even add spaces like an outdoor kitchen, a barbecue grilling station, a lounge, and more.


Curved and Gabled Verandahs

Verandahs that have gabled roofs are trending right now. It’s a unique look, and modern vibe fits with most home styles. Gabled and curved roofs keep the verandah clean from outdoor debris, as well as protect it against direct sunlight. Both roof types can even add polycarbonate roof options for increased lighting. The roof also makes the entire space feel larger. It’s an absolute head-turner that will definitely catch the attention of any passers-by.


For more verandah design trends that will surely spark your interest, visit www.VictoryHomeImprovements.com.au.