Bring Brass Knobs And Pulls Into Your Kitchen

In terms of attractiveness, brass knobs and pulls are second to none. They can create a great impression on any new kitchen when they are chosen to match the style and ambience of the new kitchen. The first step to selecting such a knob is to have your faucets or sink fronts in excellent shape. This includes wiping off any mineral build-up, rusting, paint chipping, or other types of staining. You should also have no notches, scratches, or sharp edges present in your new kitchen. Once the faucet, sink, and countertops are ready, you can move on to choosing brass hardware for these areas.

Several different options are available if you are looking for brass knobs and pulls for your new kitchen. For starters, if you want a knob with a “distinctive” design, you may want to consider a very ornate brass knob. Many of these types have intricate designs that make them particularly nice to look at, especially when used to decorate a cabinet. Several different sizes are available, from large, antique-looking brass knobs to small, decorative ones made of white metal.


Antique brass is an interesting choice for many people, too. These brass knobs and pulls are generally very dark-coloured, but they can be polished to give them a light sheen. Unfortunately, there is often a fine patina on these pieces, which makes them look very old. If you are not sure whether you want to pay the price for an antique brass piece, there is a cheaper option: purchasing a piece of solid brass hardware. This brass will not have a very pronounced patina in many cases, but it will still look nice. It will just require some sanding and an application of a clear protective coating to protect it.

If you want brass knobs with a patina, there is still an option available for you. You can purchase a brass handle and then install it onto a new cabinet. This way, you not only get a functional piece of hardware that adds a nice touch to your kitchen, but you also get a knob and a pull that has been treated with an oil-and-rust-protective coating. With a little bit of planning and research, you can have your old hardware looking as good as new in a matter of weeks.

Of course, most people prefer the look of knobs and pulls that are not very polished. However, if you can find pieces of unpolished, raw brass hardware, you can create the appearance of a very aged, worn appearance. This look can be accomplished by rubbing soft sandpaper lightly across the surface or leaving it untreated until it is ready to paint. The texture will enhance the aged look, and when you finish the project with a coat of satin paint, you will have a unique piece of raw brass hardware that will have a valuable patina on its own.