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Are you looking for a reliable skip company that offers nothing but quality waste management and disposal services? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! At the Skip Bins Geelong, we’re here to provide fast and effective solutions to throw your trash. We have a roster of skip containers of different sizes, different applications, and different price ranges. We can guarantee that we have the perfect skip with the ideal size that will help you get the job done faster and in a more efficient manner.



Here’s a shortlist of our high-quality skip containers made available to you right now. We also added a short testimonial highlighting our former customers and what they thought about our skip containers.


Mini Skip Bins (Small)

Our mini skip bins are designed for miniature projects or minor waste disposal tasks. It’s compact and easy to carry. You can also place it on your driveway or road (latter will need a permit) for proper garbage control and disposal.




  • Height: 0.76m
  • Length: 1.2m
  • Width: 0.91m


“Hiring mini skips is a simple and effective solution for your small clutter and trash at home. The brand is easily recognisable and their invoice is simple to understand. I highly recommend your mini skip bins.”



Medi Skip Bins Geelong (Medium)

Our medi skip bins are made for medium-sized use. As the name implies, it’s made for medium-sized projects that don’t need the full-size builder’s skip. It can be placed on the driveway or the road (will require a permit) for effective waste management.




  • Height:0.97m
  • Length: 1.83m
  • Width: 1.29m


“I just wanted to share my experience using the medi skip bins from this prestigious company. I was so impressed by the entire service team from the quality of the skips to the professionalism of the drivers! Everyone was so polite and friendly, happy to help out and make sure I dispose of all of the trash accumulated during my latest home renovation job. Until next time.”



Maxi Skip Bins (Large)

Our maxi skip bins are perfect for construction and other large-scale industries. It can also be used at home, specifically for landscaping and gardening maintenance. Our maxi skip bins are supplied without a door to ensure ease during loading. If you prefer a maxi skip bin with a door, you can request one during your initial order.




  • Height: 1.22m
  • Length: 2.60m
  • Width: 1.52m


“Fantastic service! Even if my old supplier offered his services for free, I’d still stick to this one. Amazing quality skip bins and service? Can’t ask for more than that.”



Everyone’s talking about our amazing skip bins Geelong! So what are you waiting for? Rent one now! Call our hotline or visit our website for more details.