Benefits of Using Balers Twine for Wrapping Bales of Silage

The making of round bales utilises two different kinds of wrapping materials: balers twine and a net wrap. While each has its distinct perks and advantages, determining the better twine among the two boils down to personal preference. But despite all of the comparisons, we all know that net wraps have an edge from the traditional baling twine. It’s newer, uses advanced materials and is overall a more durable option. However, that doesn’t say the conventional baling twine is a pushover. It’s one of the first twines used for baling and is still being used today. Surely that amount of longevity in the market is enough reason for you to consider it as a viable option.  With that mentioned earlier, here are some of the benefits of using the baling twine:

Fast and Efficient Baling Process

While net wraps are quicker, bale twines can also hold its ground and provide fast and efficient baling. It’s still considered as one of the most popular options in today’s baling process due to its effectiveness in wrapping bales. When you use baling twine, you’ll only have to make five turns to wrap your bales. Add the helping hand of baling machines, and you can see a much faster baling process, which will give you some time to do other essential things.

Helps Reduce Baling Loss

Here’s a feature that both the baling twine and net wrap have in common. Both products can effectively secure your bales and ensure lesser spoilage. While they may differ in material and overall quality, they do the same job at protecting your silages during the entire storing process when your silage will develop into healthy forage for your farm animals. Both a balers twine and net wrap are used to wrap bales nice and tight, ensuring no silage leaves are popping out of the bale which would let moisture and air in and hinder the quality of your silage. With a baling twine, you can wrap your bales nice and tight and store it either inside or outside.

Purchase a Baling Twine Today!

Baling twines are still one of the best products for bale wrapping and deserve your consideration. While it isn’t as advanced as a net wrap, it still gets the job done like it always has. So what are you waiting for? Order your balers twine from us today and get amazing discounts! Click here for info on our promos and other offers.