Why Should I Use A Physiotherapist?

Suppose you have recently had an injury that has resulted in pain, restriction or limitation of movement and need to use physio Adelaide by InertiaHealthGroup to regain your ability to move freely. In that case, you may well have come across the term ‘physiotherapy’. This is usually used to describe a range of treatment methods used to help those with physical conditions that restrict their ability to function normally. There are three main areas that this type of therapy can be focussed on. These are the muscles, the joints and the bones.


A qualified physiotherapist will work with each area to build up the strength of the weak spots. For example, if you have had a back injury and are now suffering from pain and restriction, you will need to start with some gentle exercises. Then, as your condition improves, you can progress to resistance training, where a machine will help you build up and tone the muscles in your back. Of course, even after physiotherapy, you may still need to take medication, so it is always best to speak to your doctor before beginning any new regime. He or she will be able to give you advice on what to do if you still have any pain once you have completed your course of physio Adelaide by InertiaHealthGroup.


Many people find that using a physiotherapist will help them overcome their problem at an earlier stage. They can start by assessing the type of injury you have and, therefore, better target your treatment accordingly. Many people who use physiotherapy techniques find that their injuries improve within days of beginning treatment. You might not get any relief initially, but as your body begins to get stronger, your pain should also begin to lessen.


If you have had a particularly bad injury and have been unable to get around unaided, then you may well have been recommended to see a physiotherapist. In these circumstances, the pain will likely be very intense, and you may not be able to sleep. Physiotherapists are trained to provide support, and often they can make resting a little easier for you. In addition, they will usually use massage and exercises to relax the muscles in the back, which should help relieve some of the pain.


The main aim of a visit to the therapist is to get the injured part to heal as quickly as possible. You don’t want to be putting more strain on the joints, which could cause additional problems further down the line. It is important to remember that your health is very important, and if it is suffering from unnecessary stress, it is probably suffering from other issues.


When you see a physio Adelaide by InertiaHealthGroup to treat your injury, you should expect some form of treatment. The most common methods of treatment include ice, heat, compression and ultrasound therapy. Ice packs should generally be applied for about twenty minutes, and the cold compress should be applied for about forty-five minutes. This should help to reduce inflammation and swelling. Heat therapy should be used for about fifteen minutes, and ultrasound should be used regularly for about twenty minutes. This should help to speed up the healing process.