Are You in Need of New Windows?

Most homeowners think that windows do not cause any substantial trouble as compared to any other structures of the house, that is why they are not giving significant attention to it. Unknowingly, windows will eventually weaken over time. And when that happens, you might have to think about window #1 Glass Replacement Adelaide.

To figure out if you need new windows, be sure you read the signs we listed below:

Increased Energy Bills                        

If you have single-paned old windows, chances are a large amount of your heating, and cooling cost is going to waste. Single pane and wear out double-paned units are susceptible to leaks. If you replace old, and leaky windows with new and highly efficient varieties, inevitably, it will help prevent any air leaks and thermal heat transfer, thus, saving you about 25% on your heating and cooling utilities. Since all windows are not the same, it is essential to consult first a glass and window specialist regarding your home’s specific needs before you make your purchase.


You can also tell that you have a terrible air leak around your windows when you feel the breeze of the chilly winter days while standing by your window. If you want to verify the leaks, you can use a burning incense stick; and you can tell that there is a leak if the smoke moves. Also, you will see the light passing through the window frame if you shine a flashlight through them in the dark. With those holes and leaks sealed up, your home would stay much warmer, and you will have a much lower electric bill.

Difficulty in Opening and Closing

One more indication that it is time to replace your windows is when you need to force or prop and struggle while opening or closing them. Wood windows are mainly known for having such issues.


If you notice fog or condensation between your glass panes, it indicates seal failure; there are still leaks that allow moisture to enter the space between panes. You can even notice frost or ice build-ups during freezing weather. Although you can have repairs for your high-quality windows, in most cases, window replacement is a smart option.

If you opt for #1 Glass Replacement Adelaide, you will achieve the following:

1 – Increased Home Value

You can boost your home’s curb appeal value and is an excellent selling point if you have safe, updated electrical and energy-efficient windows.

2 – Improved Comfort

If you want to live a more comfortable home environment with less energy use, energy-efficient window options will help you achieve that. Less to no leakage will reduce condensation on the glass in your home, which allows you to control humidity concerns.

3 – Lower Energy Bills

Also, you can save more of your hard-earned money when there is less heat loss from leaks and thermal transfer. In fact, due to the substantial energy savings you can have from your new window, typically you can recover its cost in no time.