How to Properly Take Care of Your Windows & Doors Adelaide

Your doors and windows are among the most critical parts of your home. They add some flair and functionality to your home. However, like most parts of your home, they also need protection and care. While the glass needs extra attention, keep in mind that it’s not the only part that requires maintenance. Protecting your window and door frames around your house is just as important as cleaning the entire glass. These suggestions will help you protect and extend the lifespan of your windows & doors Adelaide. In this article, we’re going to show you some quick tips for door and window care.



Tips for Window and Door Care

  • Vacuum soil and other debris from the sill or track before washing.
  • Use a mixture of water and mild dishwashing soap to clean your door and window frames. Rinse thoroughly using a soft, absorbent cloth.
  • Use a small bottle brush for cleaning weep holes if you think that they’re blocked by debris. Keep the windowsill or track area clean and clear of soil or debris to encourage proper draining.


NOTE: Never use caustic soaps, abrasive, cleaners, or solvents as these may damage the overall finish of your doors and windows.


  • Special considerations for Low-emissive and Other Glass
  • It’s easy and essential to care for any window glass system today properly. Insulated glass systems and those with low-emissive (low-E) or other heat-deterrent additives can be damaged or lose their creativeness through improper care. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Avoid washing windows in direct sunlight.
  • Use a mixture of water and mild dishwashing soap to clean the glass.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water — dry using a soft absorbent cloth to avoid any spotting.
  • Remove the screens and wash them with a soft brush on a flat surface using water and mild dishwashing soap. Rinse thoroughly, wipe dry and reinstall.


Important Tips

  • Never use chemicals like petroleum-based solvents on the glass as they may damage the insulating glass seal or component parts of the window.
  • Never use a high-pressure spray or hose to wash your windows & doors Adelaideas it may damage the insulating glass.
  • Never use abrasive pads or sharp instruments to clean the glass.
  • Never attach anything to the glass such as masking tape. The heat of the sun may melt and infuse the adhesive into the glass.


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