Top 5 Christian Podcasts

If you’ve ever thought about listening to Christian podcasts, you’ll realise that hundreds of them exist. From devotionals and sermons to adulting how-tos and debates on pop culture and science, there’s something for everyone. The problem is that there’s so much to choose from that you might feel overwhelmed. So, how can you find the right ones to listen to? Here are some tips.

Christian podcastsA quick search for Christian podcasts will reveal a plethora of options. If you’re looking for light-hearted content, try Good Christian Fun. This podcast has content aimed at Christians who enjoy faith-driven pop culture. Throughout the episodes, the hosts interview notable writers, artists, comedians, and musicians to discuss faith-driven works of art. This podcast’s unique format will surely be a hit with believers.

Take a Pew

The Take a Pew Christian podcast is a series of interviews with Christians living by their faith’s principles. They include host Dan Zalameda, a pastor from Oxford Seminary, and Dr John Prevette, a Back Pew Lifetime Achievement Award winner. The hosts also talk to Staley Jophiel Munroe, a transgender woman who has lived on the outside of religion and the fringes of the LGBTQ community.


If you are looking for a Christian podcasts to help you understand theology, you may be interested in the Credo Christian podcast. This podcast focuses on doctrine and features conversations between theologians and Reformed Baptist authors. In addition to these discussions, Credo also discusses current events and relevant news within the church. It is also possible to participate in book giveaways. Each episode is approximately two hours long and consists of audio content.

Jen Wilkin’s Flower Mound

You may know the author, Bible teacher, and speaker Jen Wilkin from The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas. As a woman, she is a passionate advocate for women’s spiritual health and role in the church. She encourages congregations to recognise women’s unique gifts and aspire to biblical literacy. If you are curious about what Jen Wilkin’s Flower Mound Christian podcast offers, listen to what makes her different from other Christian podcasts!


The Journeywomen Christian podcasts is a weekly podcast featuring the perspectives of prominent Christian women. Host Hunter Bless believes that life is a journey we are never meant to walk alone. Therefore, this podcast aims to inspire women and equip them with the knowledge to glorify God. To this end, he interviews prominent women in the church, Christian organisations, and Christian leaders to share their insights on faith and culture.

Cafeteria Christian

If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to that will help boost your faith and knowledge about Christ, you’ve come to the right place. Caféteria Christian podcasts have been around for over a year, and the hosts are celebrating their first anniversary as “not that kind of Christian.” These two ladies swear, laugh, and gather with other CCers for weekly discussions. Listen in! Here’s a quick summary of what’s to come. You’ll have a blast!

Think Biblically

There are several good reasons to think Biblically when listening to Christian podcasts. For one thing, it is best to listen to encouraging and gentle hosts. You surely want to hear from people who are not judged by others, even if they’re wearing pjs. Different podcast hosts have different strengths and weaknesses, but both offer the potential to grow as a Christian. Below are some of the most helpful resources for Christian podcast listening.

Quick Looks

A Quick Look at Christian podcasts is not your average Sunday sermon. Instead, you will find shows covering various topics ranging from Christian parenting to the Bible. The best Christian podcasts will provide valuable information, but don’t limit your search to Sunday sermons. Instead, look for podcasts in categories like Lesson to Learn, Interviews You Want to Hear, and Christian Parenting. Then, listen to some of them to find the right one.

Interviews You Want to Hear

There are so many different types of Christian podcasts. While most of them focus on Christian topics, you can also listen to them about a topic that isn’t Christian. For example, some podcasts focus on pop culture, Christian history, and even controversial issues within the church. Some podcasts focus on the Christian lifestyle, such as those hosted by Sadie Robertson Huff and Danielle Strickland. You can listen to various topics, and the hosts offer humour and practical insights.